Worried about the current situation in Sri Lanka?
Read some FAQs relating to the situation below to put your mind at ease!

Is it safe to travel from the Colombo Airport to Surf & Yoga, Arugam Bay?
It’s perfectly safe you can always take the train to Ella and then one of the buses to Pointuville the near town to Arugam Bay but because of the fuel shortage we have our drivers picking up and dropping of all our guests to our facilities

Is there enough food and water supplies to guarantee our stay will be pleasant? 
There is plenty of food and water in all supermarkets and local shops in Arugam Bay nearby town and at our camp, where we provide filtered water and all our meals are locally handmade, fresh and vegetarian. 

Are the riots affecting my safety while I’m visiting Sri Lanka?
No, tourists have priority during the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, they have priority in line at the hospitals, getting fuel as the country right now needs tourism to thrive. Local are aware of that and have been helpful and understanding with tourists that are still staying in Sri Lanka.

Is it safe for me to travel to Sri Lanka and travel around? 
Yes its perfectly safe, local community is concerned about their families future and they are trying to fight for better rights concerning their lives and better conditions of living, they are aware that Sri Lanka needs the tourism to thrive and survive the poor economic condition. Tourists are still very welcoming to Sri Lanka. 

Are the power cuts for too long and unbearable to deal with it? 
Currently, there are no power cuts in Arugam Bay since 15th of July 2022.

What about fuel supply, will it be interfering with my holiday in Sri Lanka?There’s still fuel, and it’s possible to still enjoy a safari or a tuk tuk ride to other beach breaks, the only thing regarding the fuel supply is prices increased exponentially so what was before affordable right now it’s a little pricier but it’s still possible to enjoy your holiday in Sri Lanka

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