surf and yoga team Arugam bay

Magical experience in Arugam Bay

surf and yoga team Arugam bay

Have you ever experienced living in a small village where your main preoccupation will be how the swell is and which coffee place to choose to have lunch ?

Raised in Paris and its frenetic life, I never took the time to slow down. This is what Arugam Bay taught me.

Rather, it is the hot weather, the breathtaking sunsets, the happy encounters with wildlife such as elephants.. everything will feel unreal in this little town of Eastern Sri Lanka.

My journey in this small town started with Surf And Yoga Retreats where I taught yoga twice a day. A vinyasa energy boost in the morning and a more relaxing / stretching flow in the afternoon to allow all the surfers of the camp to release. 

The minute my classes were over, nothing couldn’t stop me from grabbing my bicycle, my surfboard and going to go catching some waves on Baby Point or Main Point.

These spots are the best spots to learn to surf if you are a beginner like me. In only a few weeks and with the kind tips of locals, you will quickly see your improvements.  

Like I said, Arugam Bay is only one street long. However, it is composed of so many food, coffee, and shopping options… The hardest part will be to choose between all these different coffee places, beachfront restaurants and local clothing brands.

No one will contradict me if I affirm that Arugam Bay is magical. There is a thing in the light of the city, in the smiles of the locals, that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Sun, Waves and nature.. Arugam Bay is known to be a peaceful city where several yoga places can be found. If you are a yoga teacher, many options are available to extend your learning and training. 

Also, don’t hesitate to take your bike or bicycle and explore all the Hinduism and Buddhism temples near Pottuvil, the city next door. 

Besides its spiritual vibe, Abay has also a crazy spirit where you will find yourself dancing till the sunrise.

Each experience in Arugam Bay will be unique. Rather, it helps you to connect more with yourself, to slow down, to meet people who will elevate you or just to improve your yoga and surf skills : Abay has to be experienced once in your life. 

Of course, my experience wouldn’t have been the same if I wasn’t working at Surf And Yoga camp. Its amazing Shala, team and food directly make me feet home. 

If you connect with my words, don’t hesitate one second and come to experience this stimulante life, this worldwide surf spot and its magical atmosphere.

I can assure you, there is nowhere else in the world you want to be. 

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